Linker Coin - Network of Networks


The "Linker" is a collection of the systems which facilitate the inter-transaction between Linker Coin and various economic networks built on crypto-currency market, financial market, e-commerce market, etc. 

​Linker Project provides several types of Linker: Decentralized Exchange, Semi-decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange, Market Maker, Liquidity Provider, Trading System, Electronic Commerce System, etc. The "Linker" connects one network to another using Linker Coin as a medium of exchange. Six different Linker Platform establish connections to six different types of financial networks.

Specialized Decentralized Exchange will provide transparent inter-transaction. In fact, Linker System provides Market Maker and Liquidity Provider System to facilitate the inter-transaction and the liquidity provision. The Linker Platforms will be developed progressively as funds become available. As different Linker Platforms come on line and satisfy the needs of more users, the demand for Linker Coin will rise. It is this high demand for Linker Coin that will create and maintain its value.

The Vision of Linker Coin is to embody the true essence of a  'Network of Networks'.

Linker Coin functions as a medium connecting fiat-currencies, exchange listed cryptocurrencies, and unlisted cryptocurrencies.  This means the facilitation of Inter-transaction between networks via Linker Platform.
Just as the Internet connects geographically separate nations; now Linker Coin connects separate financial systems into one united ecosystem.

Snapshot Date

May 9, 2018

Coming Soon


May 25, 2018

Coming Soon

Coming Soon



*The Road Map of the foundation can be changed by the votes of the token holders.




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John Mun

Co-founder / Market Maker / Developer


Woori Investment & Securities


Cutler Group, LP / Market Maker

San Francisco, USA


BTC Networks – CTO

(Crypto-currency Exchange)


Credit Suisse, Hong Kong


UC Berkeley, USA

Hass School of Business

- Master of Financial Engineering



- Industrial Engineering

(Ranked 1st Graduation)

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Harry Park

Woori Investment & Securities


Societe Generale (Fixed-Income)


A.T. Kearney, Consulting


IBM Korea, Consulting


Seoul National University

- Master of Dentistry



- Electronic Engineering

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Aris Skliros

Market Maker / Developer


World Quant, Budapest, Hungary


Morgan Stanley, Budapest, Hungary


Barclays Capital, London, UK


JP Morgan Chase, Tokyo, Japan


UC Berkeley, USA

Haas School of Business

- Master of Financial Engineering


Johns Hopkins University, USA

- Ph.D in Engineering/Robotics

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Pierino Branella

Amazon Senior Big Data Analyst


Saudi Aramco


Ernst & Young


Cutler Group, LP


BNP Paribas


UC Berkeley, USA

Hass School of Business

- Master of Financial Engineering


Università degli Studi dell'aquila

- Mechanical Engineering


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Hyunwoo Bin

Cryto-currency Specialist


Bestselling Crypto-currency Publication Author


EMC co


Posco – ICT Researcher



Computer Engineering

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Jeff Crosby

Plcoyune – CTO


Energy and Environment Engineer 


UC Berkeley, USA

- Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering


University of Florida, USA

- Aerospace Engineering

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Taehyoung Na



National Grid Co., Ltd – Director


National Assembly Secretariat – Policy Advisor


Strategic planning specialist


University of Nottingham

- Politics

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Alekxey Shmonov

HOQU CEO and Co-founder


Marketing and Management professional, Moscow, Russia, Moscow, Russia


Moscow State Technological University “Stankin”

- Master of Information Technology

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Jaeyoon Jeong

Legal Advisor

Attorney Regitered at Seoul Bar

Patent Attorney Registered at Korea Attorney's Association

Law Firm Hyun

Law Firm Gilsang

Kyung Hee Law School

Seoul National University
- Electrical Engineering

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Soonwoo Hwang

Accountant and Consultant


Daewon Tax Corp, Korea

(International Tax Professional)


LS Group(Yesco), Korea

Tax Affairs Dept. General Manager


NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd

VIP Tax Affairs Consultant


Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd

North of the Han River Dept. Leader


Representative Accountant at Soonwoori Tax Office


Seoul National University, Korea

- Geography






Two IFC, 10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07326,

South Korea

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