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ICO Website Term of Use


This Term of Use (“Agreement”) determines the terms of access in this website (“Website”) regardless if you are a guest or registered user.

The services from this ICO site are carried out by Blockbank Co., Ltd. (“Company”)


The user should read carefully all the terms of these policies and each of the other usage agreements that apply.

By accessing and using the website, the user agrees to comply with all of the terms and conditions in this usage agreement.

If the user does not agree with all of the terms and conditions on this usage agreement, they should not use or access this website.


Aside from this usage agreement, the user may have to agree with other usage agreements regarding particular contents or services we can provide on or through the website. If there is any inconsistency or discrepancy between aforementioned usage agreement of contents, service and this usage agreement, the usage agreement of contents and services has priority over this usage agreement.

If the user wants to inquire about this usage agreement or wants to send notifications with regards to this agreement, they should contact us at


General Terms

  1. Linker Coin developed the website, which abides with cloud information protection law all over the world, Europe’s personal information protection and GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation)

  2. This site carries out DPIA on a regular basis for protection of personal information, and notifies through the web site or client’s email.

  3. A backup, a fault restoration, a hacking and an unusual log are saved in cloud storage, DBMS with restricted access for 12 months at minimum.

  4. The withdrawal of membership information is only used for checking the status of the member’s registration by encrypting email for preventing overlapping registration or unusual registration.

User account

  1. The propriety of the user account belongs to its customer.

  2. However, in case of an identity theft or in case that the account is involved in a confidence trick or a crime, Linker Coin could deprive the corresponding of the proprietorship of the account after website publishing or email notification.

  3. In case that the account’s user violates AML(Anti-money Laundering Law) or KYC, we deprive them of the proprietorship of the account and notify the related government organization and law institute about the comprehensive user’s information and criminal facts within 14 working days

Minors subscription limit

  1. The registration is not for use by anyone under age of 21.

  2. In case a minor registered the Site, Company is able to withdraw the registration without notification by each countries law.


ICO subscription limit

  1. People from countries like U.S.A., Singapore and the People’s Republic of China, which prohibit ICO’s, are prohibited from subscribing to this website.

  2. In case in which people from countries that prohibit ICO’s subscribe to the website, we reserve the right to withdraw their subscription without notification.


Account proprietorship

  1. The proprietorship of an account belongs to the user who is registered for an account.

  2. The proprietor of an account gains full rights as a member by registering email, name and identity information as described in our policy.

  3. Email authentication must be completed within 72 hours after the member’s registration. Subsequent to this, you must complete the KYC (Know your customer) within 30 days after ICO in accordance with our “Website” policy.

  4. In case that there is a suspicion of personal information theft, identification discrepancy or criminal utilization, the “Company” can stop the access and use of member account.


Account security, imputation and indemnification

  1. ‘Customers’ should keep the password of their own account.

  2. If customer’s personal information is leaked by customer’s responsibility or mistake, ‘Company’ is exempted from responsibility.

  3. The Company saves the customer’s password and personal information by using verified encryption algorithm and by carrying out a security check once in three months.

  4. Information leakage caused by unknown security vulnerability, website and cloud vulnerability will not burden the Company with any responsibility.

  5. Customer, unless it’s notified in writing with respect to closing, compromise or misuse of user account, you don’t take complete responsibility for acts carried out using or through your user account.

  6. The company doesn’t have means of identification using the customer’s user account information or the customer’s username and password. In case that there is an unauthorized use of the customer’s user account information, username or password, the customer cannot hold the company responsible for loss or damage of the customer or any third party by any means.

Account restoration

  1. In case that the user requests withdrawal from membership, the ‘Company’ will delete the user’s account.

  2. However, the company reserves the information of the user account for 30 days in case of restoration.

  3. If account deletion occurred, ‘Company’ requests certification about account deletion by emailing to the ‘Customer’

  4. In case that the customer’s email has been changed in the recent 30 days, the user’s account deletion can be suspended up to a maximum 180 days.



  1. Website is managed by a server and PasS on the Cloud.

  2. Website is contracted with WIX, and posted regions are specified by the WIX.

  3. The data backup location is specified by the WIX.

  4. People who are connected to the Cloud are a small number of authorized people in charge, and are protected by Two Factor authentication.

  5. Person in charge of the security is Jeonggon Mun and Da Min Lee, email is and


Personal information protection, GDPR

  1. This site complies with General Data Protection Regulation(“GDPR”)

  2. This site complies with GDPR about Personal data Principles, Lawfulness of Processing, Consent, Children’s personal data, Special categories of personal data.

  3. This “Website” carries out Records of processing activities (documentation), Data protection by design and by default, Data protection impact assessment, designation of Data Protection Officer(DPO), Codes of conduct and certification mechanism, or is included in development roadmap.


DPIA, Data Privacy Impact Assessment

  1. DPIA is carried out once every three months.

  2. The results of DPIA are published by the “Website” or via email.

  3. In case there is a violation of DPIA, company should rectify the matter of violation and has the  duty to report  of the violation to the “Customer”


Personal information protection

  1. Personal information is protected according to Cloud protection laws across the country.

  2. “Website” preserves(keeps) cookies, IP, access log, web browser information through encryption for a particular period of time for security reasons.

  3. Retained information is preserved for 24 month according to the retention term, and retention and deletion are operated and managed by authorized managers.

  4. Provision of information is available with regards to deleted or saved personal data if “Customer” wants to view it.


Security check

  1. Security check is carried out on  the “Website” monthly.

  2. In case of a “Customer’s” request, the security check results are available to view.

  3. Security check results are notified on “Website” or other information opening means.

  4. The person in charge of security check is Jeonggon Mun and Da Min Lee, the email address of whom is and


Anti-money Laundering law (AML)

  1. “Website” prohibits illegal, criminal funds laundering and holds a strong policy.

  2. If there is an influx, which is under suspicion of money laundering, “Company” will notify the administrative organizations and AML organizations within a maximum of 7 working days.

  3. Advance notice to customers about anti-money laundering and criminal funds can be omitted depending on the gravity of the matter


Know Your Customer Policy (KYC)

  1. Customer information verification procedure is carried out according to customer information verification set by international financial institution, KYC.

  2. A verification of customer name, birth date, nationality, contact address (phone number or email) can be requested with restrained access of viewing to a small number of authorized people.

  3. If the verification is failed, customer account can be suspended. If the verification is not completed for more than 365 days, customer’s right automatically disappears.


Website manager

  1. The managers of website are Jeonggon Mun and Da Min Lee, the emails are and

  2. If the manager of website is changed, the notification will be posted on website and other notification means within 7 days.


This usage agreement of this website is written on October 18th, 2017.

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